The Anthropomorphes

‘THe Great inspiration'(2023), ink and Posca pen on 42 X 59.4 Paper

The idea behind this came to me whilst scrying into a black mirror. I saw a vision of all these hands scrambling over this nude female torso and as they moved over the body, it seemed to age and become like clay. After several minutes, the body dissipated and was replaced by dozens of sheets of paper and hands drawing and writing. I felt in some way after seeing this, that I had witnessed some sort of future for myself and I tried to translate this vision into this still image.

‘ Dreams of another cycle’ (2023), Posca pen on 59.4 x 84.1cm paper

I like to keep a diary of dreams. This piece is inspired by one of them. I wanted to create a piece that makes you feel as though you’re being dragging in and is filled with a sense of duality, male, female, end, beginning, death, birth. I’d like to think that the meaning of this piece will be interpreted based solely on the perspective of the viewer at any given time.

‘The fox in the Attic’ (2023), posca pen on 29.7 x42cm paper

In this piece I wanted to explore how age impacts a life. In contrast to all my other work the lines and shapes are incredibly simple. I wanted this loss of detail to reflect the loss of memories and awareness and the confusion that come with dementia. The bull, a figure of paternal strength and power, is humbled by the affects of age, fumbling with a broken TV whilst something a little more pernicious takes over in the attic.

‘in bloom’ (2023), PoscA Pen on 42 X 59.4 yellow Paper
‘Cain and Abel’ (2023), Posca pen on 59.4 x 84.1cm paper

Inspired by the biblical story of Cain and Abel, I wanted to question the potential of animals to murder. Murder, more than simply killing has an immediate moral implication and necessitates a certain level of intelligence (one that is considered by most to be reserved only for humans).

‘Dear’ (2023), PoscA Pen on 42 X 59.4 Paper

In this post coital scene, there’s a surprising lack of intimacy. The doe touches the pillow where her lover once lay and, the stag checks himself out in the mirror.

‘rabbits'(2023), Posca Pen on 42 x 59.4cm pink paper

This piece is heavily inspired by Japanese erotic woodblock prints known as Shunga. The slightly ajar sliding door hints of an intruder on the private moment, which perhaps as viewers beyond the 4th wall is us. Colour isn’t something that has featured much in my past work but it’s certainly something I’d like to see more of in my future works.

‘Fuck The Old, Long Live The young’ (2023), Posca pen on 59.4 x 84.1cm paper

This piece from the series is titled ‘Fuck The Old, Long Live The Young’ an ironic title that came into my mind long before I had started drawing the image, during the pandemic of 2020. The title came to me as a reaction to the self-serving behaviour and complete lack of compassion I was witnessing during this period and is basically a crasser version of the poem ‘First They Came…’. 

‘Like Rabbits'(2022), Posca Pen on 21 x 29.7 cm paper

This is a slightly tongue in cheek picture drawing on the rabbit’s somewhat infamous reputation. The anticipation in this glassy eyed stare as the Inuyasha anime kiss plays in the background is something that I think many can relate to.

‘Samurai and the peasant'(2022) , Posca Pen on 120 x 120 cm Wooden board

I created this painting for Camden Open Air Gallery during Camden Inspire’s Live painting event. I had 6 hours to finish, during which time I furiously mark maked and allowed a story to build in my mind. The samurai toad has threatened to take all the peasant village’s rice in taxes unless he can beaten in a game of go. The young peasant toad, selected as the best player in his village, is fated to play with the future of his village resting on his shoulders. The young toad plays at a disadvantage (black plays first in Go) as the wizened Samurai mockingly holds up his stone (a rude gesture while your opponent is making his move). Who knows whether he will be able to win and save his village from starvation…

The Mushroom Folk (2022), Posca pen on 14 x 30cm Paper

I was commissioned to created this piece in 2022. I wanted to create a little world of whimsical mushroom people playing in a forest. Drawing upon folkloric images of fae folk and faeries I created this psychedelic woodland composition.