Hi, I’m Nasha Cash, a Salford based, Sheffield born visual artist, who explores themes of the human condition, mind, identity and esoterica. Using bold black and white compositions and anthropomorphic animals, I dissect complex social issues like class inequality and hyper independence. Primarily, I work in pen using Posca paint pens but also creates animations and digital images using open source software like Gimp.

Exhibitions and publications

I have exhibited my work at Next Door gallery in Didsbury, The Vault in the centre of Manchester, Camden Open Air Gallery in London and a few other venues around Manchester and Sheffield. In addition, my work has also been featured in Sheffield’s Now Then Magazine who interviewed me about my practice. Other publications I have been featured in, include Salt Magazine, Manchester’s finest and an upcoming article with Frontier Magazine


In 2021 I helped found The Order of The Fool alongside Ben Thompson and Nat Muir, the artist behind Inktally. The Order of The fool is an art collective that has united 22 northern-based artists from diverse backgrounds in the creation of a new major arcana tarot deck. We displayed the deck around Manchester’s northern quarter in an open air exhibition that also functioned as a fortune reading for participants. This project was made to subvert expectations and really involve the public whilst promoting the work of the collective. We plan to tour this exhibition later in 2023.

I founded Manchester based Arts Hub ‘ HappeninginMCR’ in 2022 which I now runs alongside artists, Jasmine Gardner and Rhianwen Williams. Happening In MCR collates events, open calls, exhibitions and jobs opportunities for artists, happening in the Manchester city region, into an accessible Instagram page that now has over 1000 followers. This page helps support local up and coming artists, collectives and organisers alike to make the best out of the Manchester Art’s scene

Current Projects

I am currently working on two series of works; The first is a reflection on my experience growing up in Sheffield on a predominantly white council estate in an area known locally as murder corner that also happened to exist within the context of an abundance of nature, only a 30-minute walk from the Moss Valley and 5 minutes from a local wood. The second is a series of large drawings of anthropomorphic animals that dissect social issues with an element of humour.